Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scientists have a life of their own likings:

“If I am not working, I am not happy” - Donna Tartt

India's new Primer Minister Narendra Modi used an analogy of ‘scientist obsessed with work’ when asked about his stretched working hours. In an interview with Fareed Zakaria CNN, he said “Work gives me relaxation too and I draw pleasure in governance”. Often people, who are passionate about their work, quote scientists when it comes to long working hours. But some people have a perception that if you are working longer hours than required either you are not efficient or you have no life. I have a disagreement with them: Life is labeled by ones own likings. For some life is about seeing and exploring the world, for some watching television day in and day out and for others helping the needy? Of course life is about doing some thing that you like or love. One needs to work to do some thing they love for monetary reasons. But some LOVE their work; as they are passionate about what they do, they do not count the number of hours they spend at their work places. Again, one can love many things and do not necessarily give preference one thing over other. For example, work and family life, both are equally important to some and if one is spending few extra hours at one place don’t mean he/she gives a second preference to the other.

Like in any profession, there are different kinds of scientists. Some people work diligently for how many ever hours they are ought to and they too are passionate about their work. These people would surely get annoyed if someone says they are not real scientists. By the same token scientists working long hours also get offended if some calls them inefficient or do not have a social life. I clearly understand when some people work long hours they place others in a predicament. But that should not be a reason to hold ill will against them. If you are pleased with your performance and working hours and you go by the rules you should not be bothered about others. Bottom line is let people live their lives however they like to and let them have freedom of choice, don’t impose your idea of life on someone else.

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