Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My take on Homosexuality

My take on Homosexuality:

Like many of us, I was also a part of polemics over homosexuality, all right and wrong things about it. Despite the fact that many of my colleagues carry either a Ph.D. degree or at least a master’s degree, there is always 50-50 split on both sides of the debate. This tells us that presumptions on homosexuality does not always stem from philistinism and ambiguity over naturalness of homosexuality.

The exact meaning of “Naturalness” is beyond our ken; in my books as long as a thing is not genetically manipulated everything is natural, for example altruism, criminal behavior and homosexuality. I am not allegorizing these three things in any sense save the fact that people who possess these behaviors are generally in minority. While altruism is admired and applauded, criminal behavior needs to be treated cognitively. Regarding homosexuality, there is no silver bullet for it; one has to decide how it should to be taken. Since homosexuality poses no threat to any section of society, I reckon people who like same sex should be given a fair crack of whip.

Personally, I am neither a radical nor a stick in the mud, but again I am not sitting on fence in this case. If my son or daughter comes out as gay, I would not disown, would not love any less, would give all comfort he/she needs but the “very fact” would gnaw at my vitals. I would not want my kids to go through the tribulation and endure that they are different from most of us. Being a biologist, I totally understand the naturalness of homosexuality and have nothing against it, but given a chance (I know there isn’t one) I would not my kids to be homosexuals.

While promiscuity of homosexuals is often questioned, I reckon if they are treated the way they should be treated, it will not be an issue. I do appreciate the importance of monogamy but that is applicable to all sections of the society equally irrespective of religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Old guards would proclaim that the very idea of marriage would be lost, if homosexuals were allowed to marry. I do not find any ratiocination in that remonstrance. Marriage is not just exchanging rings; it is more of an understanding between two human beings and their wish to live together for life time. If two adults would want to live together they should be allowed to marry irrespective of their sex.

Some people’s argument that “by accepting homosexuality you are promoting it” is fallacious. A person is what he/she is; one might squeeze blood out of turnip but cannot change a person’s feelings. By accepting homosexuals, you are in no way changing a heterosexual to homosexual. Straight from the shoulder, by accepting homosexuality world will not come to an end, so accept people as they are!

P.S. As my title says, this blog is just my take on homosexuality. I could be wrong. If any one is offended with the content I sincerely apologize.