Saturday, December 26, 2009


The name “Telangana’’ strikes a chord with every Indian by now. I am neither a schismatic nor against furtherance of downtrodden, who have been denied most basic amenities in a coons’ age. I am sorry that people of Telangana have been neglected with all forms of development. Government and political parties must strain every nerve to emulate the situation in Telangana. But I reckon splitting the state based on region would be like robbing Peter and paying Paul. A misstep to cover up a blunder is not the ‘solution’. It might give respite to the people of Telangana for some time, but after that they will be left high and dry.

“Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS)”, headed by KC Rao, who wrapped himself in pink flag, proclaimed to fight for the people of Telangana. Having seen TRS and KC Rao over 10 years, even dogs in street know by now what that party is all about and what it’s leader actually cares for. After losing miserably in state assembly elections and in center, the party has decided that they have to do something. And here you go; you get up in the middle of the night and decide that you want to do justice for people of Telangana and the next morning you are on fast. Come on; give people of India and Andhrapradesh a break. Few hundred people are good enough to create brouhaha and make it look like a freedom fight. All the party needed to do was throw few bucks and their job was done. Comparing Potti Sriramulu (who once fought for separate Andhra state from Madras) with KC Rao would be a Himalayan blunder. Late Mr. Sriramulu struggled for a noble cause and became a martyr. KC Rao, no one thinks so. You never know, we may have another Madhu Koda in making in the form of KC Rao.

Our political system is so corrupted that nothing constructive would be accomplished by the political parties without looking for personal benefits. They are all mouth and trousers. I support Gandhian style of protest by fasting, but not when fasting is also associated with so much of violence against public property. Gandhi did it for Indians and now TRS politicians are doing it for themselves. In my book Congress, TDP and PRP are no less evil than TRS.

Student leader of Osmania University went on record saying separate Telangana is his birth right since he was born in that particular part of the state. That’s the most irrational and incongruous thing I would imagine from a student leader. Tomorrow I will say oh! I was born in Visakhapatnam; separate country named ‘Visakha’ is my birth right. Come on; wake up and smell the coffee and do your part in clearing up the mess. I am sure the student movement in Osmania University is fueled by political motives as well.

You do see acts of humanitarianism, compassion and amity, like when students of Andhra University went on protesting for ‘United Andhra’. As I see it, those people who went on protesting for United Andhra, would not lose a penny if separate Telangana state is created. But they want to have united Andhra; it’s the feeling of brotherhood.

I anticipate that the rank and file of Telangana would be cognizant of egocentric motives of crooked, dishonorable and unscrupulous politicians and act wise by repudiating the separationists. I hope and pray for once central government would think through its head before it starts portioning the states.