Sunday, May 20, 2012

Women and Religion

Women and Religion:
I believe I am right in saying religion is the root cause of many women’s miseries across the world. Yet it beats me to see women are more churchly than men in general. And when I say religion, I mean all major religions in this world without barring and they all treat women as second class citizens.

Few years ago, a right wing activist group in India called Sriramasena lambasted eight women for entering in to a pub. Those self-proclaimed kosher people believed men can drink alcohol but not women. Many of these Hindu god men/women and their allies are a DISGRACE to the nation and its people. The fact that several of Hindu practices are backbreaking to women is in the open. If you had the misfortune of reading one of the old Hindu scripture called Manusmrithi, you would understand how biased Hindu religion is towards men.

“Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'.” I suspect most of the Afghan men should be incarcerated if the law was to apply for men and women likewise. Even women who had been through forced sexual assault are also put away for no foible of theirs. What kind of message Muslim clerics in Afghan and across the world are sending to their fellow believers when they say woman’s testimony counts half as man’s. School going girls are thrown acid on their faces, drinking water in girl schools are being poisoned. Women’s life is going south as we speak in South East Asia.

Conservatives in America believe it is a sin to go for family planning. Even if a woman conceives by the act of rape, she cannot go for abortion. If some brave lady stands up to these atrocities her character will be scrutinized, she would be called slut. There is legitimation of abuse of women in Christianity. “Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.” - How can anyone say, this is what Jesus believed in, but Christianity is not biased against women?

It gnaws at my vitals to see how we let half of our race to suffer despite our scientific and philosophical developments over the centuries. In all honesty, why any religion should have separate dictums for men and women? Why should religions treat women less than human? People say religion is abused by some egocentric minds for their own benefits. I agree to that partly, but why the man upstairs is letting people use its name for the wrong deeds. In my books, the main reason is that there is no God; it is invented by men to suppress the fairer sex. I hope women across the world one day understand this ruse and kiss religion goodbye for keeps, I am sure world will be a better place to live.

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